Cloud Backup

Have you ever thought that if you lost all of your documents, accounts, orders, images, etc., from your computer it would be extremely difficult to continue running the business or, at the very least, it would take a long time to get things anywhere near back to normal?  Most businesses don’t think of it until its too late.

Our cloud backup system ‘Weborchard Backup’ is very advanced allowing backups of your chosen files to be made on a scheduled basis, or even in real time as something changes so it is always up to date. With secure access to your own easy to use web portal, you can view your backed up files and download them from any location making everything instantly accessible.

Being a cloud based system you aren’t relying on a physical disc or device attached to your computer (which can be useless if your computer is damaged or stolen) or having to remember to insert backup media, and its all done automatically for you.

For a chat on how we can protect your business with our cloud backup, please give us a call on 01482 778175, use the quick contact form to the right, or the form on our Contact Page.

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